Change my name in UK legally

In the UK, changing your name truly joins a particular cycle. There are various approaches to overseeing changing your name on clear records like a specific affirmation and driving permit.

Change my name in UK legally

In the UK, you can change your name legally through a deed poll, marriage or civil partnership, or by a court order. Here's an overview of each method:

  1. Deed Poll:

    • A deed poll is the most common and straightforward way to change your name in the UK.
    • You can create a deed poll document yourself or use a professional service.
    • The deed poll should include your old name, new name, and a statement of your intention to use the new name at all times.
    • Once the deed poll is signed and witnessed, you can start using your new name immediately.
    • Update your documents, such as passport and driving licence, by submitting the deed poll along with the necessary applications.
  2. Marriage or Civil Partnership:

    • If you get married or enter into a civil partnership and want to change your name, you can do so without a deed poll.
    • Your marriage or civil partnership certificate acts as evidence of your new name.
    • You can update your passport and driving licence by providing a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate along with the relevant applications.
  3. Court Order:

    • In some cases, a court order may be necessary to change your name, especially if there are legal reasons or complications.
    • You'll need to apply to the court for a Change of Name Order, and the court will consider your reasons for the change.
    • Once granted, the court order serves as evidence to update your passport and driving licence.

Important Notes:

  • Changing your name via deed polls is the most common and straightforward method for a voluntary name change.
  • Keep in mind that some institutions and organizations may have specific requirements or procedures for updating your name, so it's essential to check with them individually.
  • When updating your name on official documents like a passport or driving licence, you'll typically need to provide supporting documentation, such as a deed poll or marriage certificate, and follow the specific procedures outlined by the respective authorities.

Always consult official government websites or seek legal advice for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding name changes in the UK.

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